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My car had recently gotten two huge cracks on the windshield so I just had to get them fixed asap. I had stumbled upon windshield replacement llc on yelp and the owner responded to me pretty quick. He had asked for my car info and gave me a quote. I then asked him to fit me in for Saturday at the earliest time possible and he put me down right away. He was super responsive and he had called me prior on making his way to my house and called me when it was done since I wasn’t the one home with the car. I am very impressed with his professionalism and I would definitely want to do business with Autoglass in the future again. I do recommend this business to anyone who is in need of a windshield fix!


I had such a great experience with Windshield replacement llc. Micheal the owner answer my quote request very quickly, within 15 mins! He was able to schedule me for the next day to do the mobile service(which is free). He kept good contact with me and once he was here, he finished within 30 minutes! Amazing! He was super professional and nice and quoted me with the best price I was able to find. No leaks or problems yet and told me to give him a call if there were any problems in the future. I loved every part of the experience. Most important he was honest and upfront about everything, which is super important to me. I will be coming back if I ever need to!


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On Saturday (5/5) a baseball knocked out my rear window. First call was to my insurance co and that left a bitter taste in my mouth. Then I called about 8 other places and at that time 3 answered the others I went online to get quotes. Speaking to one place the person was rude and dismissive. The next wanted me to come to him and his price was high. The online places were giving me 3 to 4 Days out appointments and there prices were high. Reaching Mike at Autoglass Fix 360 was the best thing that could have happened to me. He was very very pleasant, quoted a reasonable price, made the appointment for Monday and came to me. I called Autoglass Fix 360 between Saturday and Sunday about 6-7 times and my called was answered every time. Mike said it felt like he was being interviewed for a job. LOL he was and passed with FLYING COLORS!! I am so impressed with his work and being so very pleasant these are qualities that are hard to find these days. I will definitely recommend this company to EVERYONE. Thank you Thank you Thank you